Disaster Relief receives ‘Thanks’ from local law enforcement

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On Monday, July 20 Colonel Bill Bryant director of the Arkansas State Police and Alice Fulk, Assistant Chief of Police – Field Services Bureau of the Little Rock Police Department joined Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers for a ceremony honoring their recent service to members of law enforcement in times of crisis.

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In late May, Disaster Relief was able to serve 3,100 meals to the Arkansas State Police, Little Rock Police Department and other local agencies in the area. Bryant acknowledged how appreciative he was of Disaster Relief for feeding the men and women in law enforcement.

“We came to report for duty, and you prepared for us a meal, gave us food, nourishment for our bodies. More importantly, you prayed with us,” he said.

He presented Randy Garrett, Director of Disaster Relief, with a certification of appreciation from the Arkansas State Police.

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“It meant so much to know that when our offices came to work…to know that you were there to feed them, nourish them, but also say a prayer for them,” Fulk said.

Fulk presented Garrett a Citizens Achievement Award from the Little Rock Police Department for their acts of service signed by Chief of Police and the Mayor of Little Rock.

“What we did, we did out of the kindness of our hearts,” Garrett said during the conclusion of the ceremony. “We do this because we’re chosen to do this ministry.”

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