Disaster Relief training goes virtual

Arkansas Disaster Relief was forced to cancel their in-person training events due to COVID-19 and will likely have to wait until 2021 to continue doing them in-person.

Just because they have to wait to continue in-person training does not mean that people who are interested in becoming volunteers, or volunteers who need to update their status have to wait. Disaster Relief is bringing the training you’d receive at an event to wherever your internet connection may be.

On August 3rd, Disaster Relief Virtual Training will be available online. It’s the kind of high-quality content you’d expect at a typical training event in the comfort of your own home. The best part, it will only take you around an hour to complete each course.

Chainsaw, Flood Recovery, Communication, Feeding, Shower/Laundry, Assessment, and more will be available for you to learn, train, and become a certified member of the Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief team.

To become a member of a Disaster Relief Team in your area, training is required. You must be 18-years old to train and be a member of a Southern Baptist Church. Payment will be done online and the cost will be $20 for new volunteers and for those that are updating their status. Cross trainers will need to email Keturah Quimby at kquimby@absc.org.

Background checks will also be done virtually. You’ll sign all the paperwork, digitally, and send them to Keturah to be processed. Once all of that is complete, official IDs will be mailed to you.

This article was originally published by Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief at abscdisasterrelief.org

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