Downloadable Tech Backgrounds for July 2020

You can pray for missions with these custom backgrounds for your computer and mobile devices. Using IMB photos from around the world, you can focus your attention on an area of the world in need of prayer using the chosen background. Check back each month for an updated background and pray for the unreached and for missionaries throughout the year.

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Affinity: Americas

Click to download from your device:Desktop | iPhone 8 / Google Pixel | iPhone X / iPhone 11 | Samsung Galaxy | iPad / Tablet | Desktop Second Screen

Nonbranded version:Desktop | iPhone 8 / Google Pixel | iPhone X / iPhone 11 | Samsung Galaxy | iPad / Tablet

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Affinity: Europe

Click to download from your device:

Desktop|iPhone 8 / Google Pixel|iPhone X / iPhone 11|Samsung Galaxy|iPad / Tablet|Desktop Second Screen

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