Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers Serve Meals to Jonesboro Tornado Victims

Disaster relief crews began cleaning and helping those impacted by the EF-3 tornado that tore through Jonesboro on March 28.

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The Corners Chapel First Responder Feeding Unit is stationed with the City of Jonesboro command unit and is providing breakfast to first responders. Today they served 160 meals for personnel on-site. Another separate Feeding Unit was able to cook and serve 100 meals to an impoverished area that was severely damaged by the storm.

Most of the teams consist of Recovery and Chainsaw units. Due to the route of the tornado, many commercial properties were impacted. So the removal of trees has been scarce. The teams have been going to sights and helping clear debris from anything that might be salvageable. They’re also assisting in putting tarps on homes with less damage to protect still existing areas.

Due to downed power lines, the Incident Command center was moved to Journey Church. However, Feeding and lodging are still happening at Central Baptist Church.

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Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief is a ministry of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) is known as a family and network of 1500+ Arkansas Baptist churches, agencies, and institutions around the state that have chosen to cooperate together to advance the Kingdom of Jesus.

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