Rebuilding Together by Derek Brown

By Derek Brown, Ph.D., LPC

Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries

Facing a New Normal

By Derek Brown, Ph.D., LPC

Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries

By Derek Brown, Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries

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What will the new normal look like? So much uncertainty. Overwhelmed by fear. Nowhere to go. Separated from family. This is the reality of foster care and it’s one crisis we can actually do something about right now.

Maria was a schoolteacher with more questions than answers about what the remainder of the school year would look like. Faced with the daunting challenge of helping her students get adjusted to online learning, Maria had enough on her plate. When Heather called asking if she would be willing to provide foster care for twins, Maria could have easily said “no.” While this was not a convenient time to say “yes,” Maria also knew this little boy and his sister didn’t get a choice in the circumstances that forced them into this crisis. Without hesitation, she agreed to welcome the children into her home. Previously, the twins had been separated in different foster homes. This division was extremely difficult for the close siblings. They longed to be together.One of the twins arrived at Maria’s home about an hour before his sister. When the sister arrived, the siblings ran to each other, began crying and embraced in a bear hug. The twins are now pleased to be living together at Maria’s home. During a recent FaceTime meeting with his caseworker, one of the twins said, “Mrs. Heather, I am so happy!”This is Connected Foster Care, your ministry to the displaced children of this state. Through this and the other ministries of Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries, God is at work building, strengthening, and restoring Arkansas families. Please consider how you can pray, give, or serve during this most critical time. Your involvement in this ministry can be life changing. *names changed for privacy

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