First Baptist Church in Hot Springs hosts Fourth Quarter Conference

Hot Springs, Ark. – Grandparents and senior adults from across the state were invited Saturday, Feb. 18, to First Baptist Church in Hot Springs for a Fourth Quarter Conference.  

Generations Pastor Bill Newton’s biggest spiritual influence growing up was his mom, but he also had faith conversations with his grandparents and great aunt.  

“I realized early on when I got into ministry that as a youth pastor, or whatever pastor role I was in, if we really want to impact students, which is a big part of my heart, we don’t only have to get the parents but also the grandparents,” Newton said.  

Newton’s desire to invest in grandparents and senior adults led to Saturday’s Fourth Quarter Conference.  

Sixty people – including a couple from Missouri – registered for the event. They heard topics specific to grandparenting as well as general topics like making the most of their fourth quarter. Tim Kimmel from Grace Based Families in Scottsdale, Arizona, was the guest speaker. 

Session titles included:  

  • The Biblical Roles of Grace Filled Grandparents 
  • Dealing with Some of the Stickier Situations of Grandparenting 
  • The Basic Ingredients of a Well-Lived Fourth Quarter 
  • Making the Most of the Time You Have Left 

“What we’re trying to show grandparents here is to live the role of grandparents guided by God’s truth all the while tempered by God’s grace,” Kimmel said. “The Grace Based grandparent is simply somebody who treats their grandchildren the way God treats them. What we’re doing is we’re unpacking what God’s grace looks like played out in real time.”  

Additionally, Kimmel spoke in general on how people can live a great fourth quarter.  

“Every athlete out there knows you better have a fourth quarter strategy. It’s got to be flexible. If you go into the fourth quarter with a lead, you’ve got to know how to keep that lead all the way to the end. If you come in behind, you’ve got to figure out how to turn it around.,” Kimmel said. “And there are a lot of people coming into their fourth quarter who have a lot of regrets, and this is their chance to do something they wish they could have done earlier.”  

Newton said his hope is grandparents walked away from Saturday’s event “with some very tangible things that they can do to spiritually invest in their grandkids.”  

Saturday was First Baptist Church in Hot Springs first Fourth Quarter Conference. Newton said he would like to host more events like it in the future.  

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