By Sarah Vaughn

FIRST-PERSON: Seismic change

By Sarah Vaughn

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (BP) — I confess that I can be a news junkie. When major world events occur, they can capture my attention and time as I read articles from different points of view to try and understand what is happening and why.

With the proliferation of social media and our always connected world, new and world-altering events seem to be happening continuously. New articles from people with a variety of perspectives are available all through the day — and night! We are bombarded by “breaking news!” and “this just in!” information all the time.

Some of these events are truly worthy of our attention. With the changes in Hong Kong, the increased polarization of our own government, a continuing pandemic, destructive riots in several cities, new warnings (both real and imagined) every week about climate changes, financial challenges, generational conflict, energy scarcity, water scarcity, etc., we can become overwhelmed by the earthquake of change.

Moses experienced seismic change in his lifetime. Born into slavery yet raised in Egyptian riches, he was tormented by his personal comforts while his people struggled with oppression. He fled from home and lived as a shepherd. Then an encounter with God changed his direction and focus, and like never before, Moses learned dependence on God.

We need to learn this same lesson.

Our world has changed and will continue to change. Throughout our lives we will witness nations rising and falling, governments succeeding and failing, crises coming and going. Some of the changes will be in the news. Other changes will be in our own lives.

Through every event that shakes us and our world, God continues to be our dwelling place. He is powerful, creative and eternal. God provides. God protects. God proves Himself worthy of our praise.

Call on the name of the Lord. Worship Him. Live for Him.

Douglas Falknor is pastor of First Baptist Church of Fayetteville, Ark.

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