Homerun for God: Gammill uses softball as platform to share faith

Hannah Gammill is well known at the University of Arkansas for her athleticism on the field, playing third base for the Razorbacks softball team. This is also a position she uses as a platform to share God’s love with others.  

The junior grew up in Beebe. She attended Union Valley Baptist Church most of her life. Gammill, 21, described herself as the “normal church kid” growing up, but it wasn’t until her junior high years, seventh and eighth grade, that she saw the importance of what church meant and what a true relationship with the Lord meant.  

“At that age, I found myself trying to fit in and be someone I wasn’t to be liked in school, which seems pretty normal for a child. I would say my life did a complete 180 the day I was saved. We had a revival night at church when I was in seventh grade. My life completely changed that night, for the better,” Gammill said. “I will never forget what it felt like to feel the presence of the Lord literally pulling me out of my seat to come to the front to make a public profession of faith. It was real, so real that my palms were sweating because of the Holy Spirit.”  

Gammill said the Lord was “sweet to call her home and has continued to show grace and mercy since that day.”  

“I have had ups and downs, but He has never failed to show up and lead my life in a direction that is for His glory,” she said.  

Gammill’s major at the University of Arkansas is social work. Within social work, Gammill said she sees Jesus at work every day in people’s lives.  

“I see that my calling has been to work with people and to love them the best that I can,” she said.  

Softball is sometimes a bit of a challenge, Gammill said, because it can be easy for her to find her worth in how she plays and performs, but she sees the beauty of the Lord at their field and sees it constantly through the lives of her teammates and coaches.  

“I see that He has gifted me with an able body to play the sport that I love and has given me a platform to do so for so many little girls. In life, Jesus is so good. I look around and am just in awe of the things He has created and what they mean to Him. It is a beautiful thing,” Gammill said. “I have to ask God to remind me to see things from His eyes and not from mine. It is hard when the craziness of life can impact my relationship with God if I allow it to.”  

One thing Gammill said she has had to learn is there is not a specific way to spend time with the Lord. People can spend time with the Lord in a myriad of ways, whether that is singing in the car, praying, reading, or while running.  

Gammill has played softball since she was four years old. She loves the competitiveness of it and the people she has met along the way. It is also an outdoor sport, and she loves being outdoors.  

“The opportunities softball has given me are unmatched and it has given me an awesome platform,” Gammill said.  

Majoring in social work, Gammill aspires to open a private practice in counseling.  

“I try to let people see the light of Jesus in me. I also hope that people can see Jesus in the way I play,” Gammill said.  

The Razorbacks will hit the road to Lexington, Kentucky, for a three-game series at No. 16 Kentucky April 21-23. 

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