By Arkansas Baptist News

How critical is the need for passionate, persevering prayer?

By Arkansas Baptist News

Dr. Don Moore, retired executive director of the ABSC, loves to speak to senior adult groups and rally them to pray for revival and spiritual awakening.

Jesus went on about His business with all kinds of disturbing things happening around Him. Social injustice, promiscuousness, hypocrisy, biases and prejudices—all the things that have characterized mankind from the beginning. You wonder if He would have gotten on board with a sympathetic political group or a radical uprising against Rome. He never even railed against his accusers, his executioners or those who lied against Him. He, in fact, knew that they were all ultimately carrying out His Father’s plan for redemption.  

But, when he saw the place of worship failing to be a House of Prayer, He really got upset. There was nothing passive about what action needed to be taken. He quickly ordered the offenders out of the temple. We should have reason for concern about how He might feel about our praying, as Christians and as churches. He was very direct and personal about the seven churches in Revelation. If He became that personal about you and your church, what might He have to say to you about your praying? 

If He made a pie chart of how you have spent the hours of the days of your life, I wonder how large a slice of your time has been given to prayer. Jesus said we “ought always to pray and not faint,” or lose heart. The options are clear—pray or lose heart.  Many are losing heart, leaving church ministry, etc. Would that indicate we need a revival of prayer?  

History would tell us that before we have a revival and awakening in society, there will have to be a revival of prayer in the Church.  Do we have to guess who would be most responsible for leading in that direction? The “messengers” of the churches in Revelation were strictly charged with leading in the corrective measures He outlined. The early church had pastors who devoted themselves to “prayer and the ministry of the Word.”  (Acts 6:4) They led the prayer effort and great revival came. (Acts 6:7) 

Conditions in society, in the family, in the church, and in the world scream in the ears of God for prayers to be made. The prophet was so upset when God moved on his heart to say that he was grieved because there were “no intercessors.” Isaiah was so troubled because “no one stirred himself up to take hold of God.” Conditions were such that their prayers were veritable screams, “Rend the heavens and come down.” (Is. 64:1) If we are not gripped by desperation for God’s intervention, we need only to consider what other options are available to us. 

Historically, young people have been the point of the spear God used in bringing great revivals.  My conviction is that the next revival and awakening should be led by our senior adults. Pastors surely want to reach the young. We cannot back off on that. The challenge is what do we do with the ones we have reached, the senior adults. God may speak to you as He did to me when you get His logic about the matter. 

   1) There are more senior adults than any other age group in the USA. 

   2) Senior adults have more time to give prayer. 

   3) Senior adults have more understanding than anyone about the moral and spiritual conditions that have us under God’s judgment. 

   4) Senior adults do not want to be ignored. They are not ready to ride off into the sunset, hang their harps upon the willows and sit down to spend their years bemoaning how bad the world is. USELESSNESS is one of life’s hardest pills to take.  Amen, seniors? 

   5) Senior adults are sometimes known for being “aginners,” because they tend to resist change. You will be their friend and they will be your friend, if you can usher them into a renewed walk with God through engaging them as Prayer Warriors. 

  6) Senior adults know their time on earth is running out and they need to make the most of the days they have left.  PRAYER IS THE BEST INVESTMENT OF TIME AND ENERGY THERE IS, AT ANY AGE. 

There is no aspect of your life, ministry and church that will not be blessed if you will lead the way in your church becoming a “House of Prayer.”               

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  1. Bro. Don, for more than 48 years I have listened to your teaching and instruction to the church. At nearly every stage in my life you have been instrumental in teaching me a biblical principle, this is no exception. Seems like I have always known you but that is not nearly long enough. I am committed to prayer, to church and to following of Jesus. God continue to bless and use you.

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