Introducing a unique disciple making experience for men and boys

What do fishing, camping, sports, metalworking, horseback riding, Dutch oven cooking, grilling, Baggo, swimming, and waterslides have in common? 

  1. These activities are all things that men and boys like to do. 
  2. These activities are all things that men and boys can use in their disciple making efforts. 
  3. These activities and much more are all things that men and boys can experience on September 24-26 during the annual Camp-O-Rama missions discipleship experience.  

Would you like to see the men and boys in your church invest in the lives of other men and boys and begin to disciple them to reach others in their communities? Are you interested in a weekend event that combines disciple making, worship, missions, ministry and lots of fun activities that guys love to do?  

The Missions Team of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) would like to invite all ABSC churches to join us on September 24-26 for Camp-O-Rama 2021. Camp-O-Rama is a missions discipleship experience designed to assist churches in helping boys and men develop the skills necessary to become effective on-mission Christians who carry out the Great Commission to make disciples “as they are going.” During the weekend, Arkansas Baptist men from around the state give their time to share their passions, tell their stories and demonstrate how God uses the things men enjoy doing to enable them to reach other men and boys who are interested in the same things.  

There will be missionary speakers, worship, evangelism training and team building activities. In addition, participants will be free to choose from a wide variety of interactive stations on Saturday. They will get a chance to learn from and talk with everyday missionaries, as well as full-time vocational missionaries. There will be live demonstrations as well as opportunities to try their hand at various activities. There will also be a designated time for those who want to swim and use the water slide.  

For 2021, we are offering three different options for you to participate. Each church group can pick one or more of the options listed below: 

  1. Tent camping and cooking your own food. Participants will bring all of their own camping gear and spend the weekend outdoors. Each church group will build their own campfires and are responsible for their own meals. Cost is $15 per person. No deposit required. 
  1. Tent camping and eating in the dining hall. Same as the first option, except groups will eat their meals in the dining hall at designated times. Cost is $40 per person with a $25 deposit per person required.  
  1. Staying in the dorms and eating in the dining hall. For those who don’t like to camp or don’t want the hassle of setup and cleanup. Groups will stay in the camp dorms and eat their meals in the dining hall. They must bring their own bedding/toiletries.  Cost is $65 per person with a $25 deposit per person required.   

Camp-O-Rama offers a unique opportunity for men of all ages (young and old alike) to move outside the box of traditional ways and means of missions, ministry and discipleship to learn how to carry out the Great Commission. Camp-O-Rama is available to all ABSC churches and is open to men and boys, first grade and up. It’s important to note that the emphasis is on growing as a disciple maker and not just creating an event to send groups of boys or students to get away for the weekend. 

Because of this, we have a maximum adult/student ratio of 1 to 3. Adults are those age 18 and older and students are those age 17 and under. Churches are encouraged to involve as many dads, grandpas, uncles, etc. as possible. Other men in the church are encouraged to step up and fill the void for those boys who don’t have any men to bring them to the event. It’s also important to note that all adults must submit a background check in order to participate.     

Registration will begin the first week of August. More information will be available on the Camp-O-Rama website,, beginning May 26. Pastors, men’s and children’s leaders, be sure to mark September 24-26 on your calendar and make plans to join us. For questions or more information, contact Travis McCormick at or call at 501.376.4791 ext. 5134.

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