LifeWay creates church assistance package

NASHVILLE (BP) — As churches adjust to ministry in a post-COVID-19 world, LifeWay has developed a collection of resources to help them.

The new Church Assistance Package from LifeWay is available for any congregation around the world and can be accessed

“LifeWay wants to do everything we can to help churches sustain their vital ministries during this time,” said Ben Mandrell, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources. “Because of this, we have been working on solutions for supporting local churches as they seek to grow together as disciples during this season and walk with them as they begin rebounding.”

Mandrell said Michael Kelley, senior vice president of church ministries, and others developed the Church Assistance Package as one of those solutions.

For Kelley, the package is an extension of LifeWay’s reason for existence — to serve the church.

“We want to have something real, a tangible benefit for all types of churches as a way of coming alongside them and helping bear the burden of this crisis,” he said.

The Church Assistance Package includes:

— A $100 credit applied to new and existing LifeWay church billing accounts

— A $100 credit toward resources from LifeWay Worship

— Free access to the Generosity by LifeWay digital giving platform and discounts on related resources

— Free access to select Bible study teaching videos for small groups

— A 50 percent off promotional code for a future Broadman Church Supplies order for churches ordering Broadman supplies from for the first time in 12 months

— Free digital access to summer ongoing curriculum for churches when they purchase ongoing curriculum for their groups

— Free eBook access and special bulk pricing for select B&H book titles

Kelley said the items included in the package were aimed at helping congregations meet basic ministry needs as they start gathering again.

“We hope that as churches are evaluating their budgets and expenditures that many of these offers will be helpful to do the things the church must continue to do,” he said, “things like teaching the Bible to children, taking the Lord’s Supper together and singing congregationally.”

Right now, churches have significant and wide-ranging needs, but Kelley and others at LifeWay believe the Church Assistance Package can be helpful.

“We wouldn’t presume this package is all a struggling church needs,” he said, “but hopefully it can be of some help to bridge the gap between a time of quarantine and when congregations begin meeting together.

“Through the Church Assistance Package and in other ways, we hope to demonstrate LifeWay’s commitment to walk together with churches and continue to be a strong partner in ministry.”

Mandrell said: “We know the church will get through this season, but until it does, the Church Assistance Package is part of LifeWay’s attempt to make life a little easier for local churches.”

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