Many thanks to administrative professionals 

Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 27. The term “administrative professionals” is an over-arching term that includes secretaries, ministry assistants, receptionists, bookkeepers, office managers and much more. In years past, this was called Secretaries Day.  

Many churches have persons in one or more of these positions; therefore, it is appropriate to set aside a day to honor those who are responsible for administrative tasks, coordinate information in order to support a good office environment, and who are dedicated to furthering their growth in their chosen professions. 

In my sixty-five years of ministry, I have worked with many administrative professionals. Most of these professionals were hard-working and dedicated individuals. I want to share what I have learned about these helpers through the years. 

Most of these professionals were dedicated to their jobs. They served in these positions because they believed they were called by God to their work. They loved the church and wanted to do an excellent job. They often worked overtime to get the job done. In several of the churches where I served, the professionals were members of the church, also. They loved the people and went the second mile to serve the Lord and the church members. 

Many of these professionals saw themselves as servants. They served with a spirit of humility. As servants, they tried their best to meet every need they faced. Often, they had to deal with people who came to the church asking for financial or food assistance. They had a heart for helping these who were in need.  

As servants, these professionals saw their work as ministry. It was not just a job. These wonderful servants felt they were called to their positions to serve God; thus, their job was a ministry not just work to be done. 

Without a doubt, many of the professionals with whom I worked were continual learners. They wanted to be the best. They read books. They attended conferences and workshops. In one church where I served, we began using computers. The professionals and pastoral staff soon learned this was a life-long learning process. At first, it was extremely hard; but the professionals stayed with it until they could master the use of the computer to help in their work. 

Almost all of these professionals were submissive to their supervisor. They knew their work was a ministry to God; but they also recognized that they were responsible to someone for getting their work done. In most cases, these professionals wanted to please their supervisor. I think they saw this as part of ministry. 

As I think about the administrative professionals with whom I worked, I believe that I could sum up my experience by saying these professionals just loved Jesus and wanted to serve Him. Many of these professionals could have worked at secular jobs and earned much more money than they were paid as a church or denominational worker. They preferred to work for God by serving Him in a church or denominational position. I thank God for every one of these professionals with whom I worked. 

Perhaps you might be a pastoral staff member reading this article. If so, you might consider honoring your administrative professional(s) on this special day. The following suggestions may be helpful: 

  • Take the professional(s) to lunch. Invite someone to go with you if you are the only pastor and the professional is a lady. Or you may wish to have lunch delivered.  
  • Give a gift of flowers, candy or fruit, candle, etc. 
  • Recognize the professional(s) in a worship service. 
  • Recognize these servants for special days (work anniversary, marriage anniversary, special achievements, etc.) 
  • Always give the professional(s) praise for a job well-done.  

Administrative Professionals Day can be a highlight for your staff members in this category. 

Workers always appreciate recognition. This will motivate them to do a better job. They deserve recognition. They are the face of your congregation in many instances. Recognition helps them to know and understand their role better. Have a great Administrative Professionals Day! 

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  1. Awe! That is a great article. I for one know the Lord gave me my position and yes I love this church and I am a member. It’s a great family❤️ Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Thank you for this accurate evaluation! I agree, I have worked with some of these same professionals and was blessed beyond measure! These positions are filled with servant leaders!

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