[Meet your AM] Charles Morgan brings more than 20 years experience to Black River Baptist Association

Charles Morgan’s goal as the Black River Baptist Association’s associational missionary is to “be a pastor to weary pastors and unite the churches into a common effort of seeing souls saved by cooperation together.”  

“Each church ministers to its own community as only it can.  However, using our resources together we can reach out in a way that a single church may not be able to.  Seeing growth within our churches also keeps us energized for the work God has given us,” Morgan said.  

Morgan took on the Black River associational missionary role in October 2022. He has pastored churches for more than 20 years with the most recent being First Baptist Church in Mammoth Spring, where he served for 11 years. He left Mammoth Spring in September 2021.  

While there, Morgan said they saw the church grow. They built on to the facility to accommodate that growth and have a place for children and youth ministries. 

At some point in every pastor’s life, Morgan said he will question where he is, where he is going, and wonder if he is truly alone in his journey.  

“He questions if he and his church are the only ones in the battle.  God often answers that and reveals himself to us at just the perfect time and in a precise way that assures us we are never alone. He is right beside us and often puts instrumental people in our lives to show that he is not only present but also has given us other individuals, friends, to help encourage and share in his master plan for man’s redemption,” Morgan said. 

“Through fellowship and working together, we can receive the message Elijah received — that this work is a group effort. As AM, I am a friend who is offering that support to the pastors in Black River Baptist Association.”  

Morgan referenced Proverbs 18:24, “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” 

“Associational missionaries are blessed to see a wide range of opportunities for growth with the unique privilege of being able to bolster plans already in place as well as initiate new ones that will help ensure strong, dedicated churches whose light will continue to shine for years to come,” Morgan said.  

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