[Meet your AM] David Holder leads Southwest Arkansas Baptist Association

David Holder has been the full-time associational missionary for the Southwest Baptist Association for nine months.  

Prior to that, he served in the role part-time for about one year.  

David Holder

Holder has almost 40 years of experience being a full-time pastor and even served as a pastor part-time in college. Most recently, he served eight years at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Texarkana. Over the years, he said he has made it a point to be active in associational missions.  

“I always believe, it is our motto, that we are better together,” Holder said. 

Having worked with the previous missionary at Southwest Arkansas Baptist Association, Holder said it was a natural step when he retired to step into the role.  

“I just love seeing churches work together for the kingdom and joining resources,” he said. “The Baptist association precedes state conventions. Baptists have a history of associations and I just believe in it.” 

Holder was born in Mississippi and raised in the Texarkana, Texas, area. He went away for several years to deep east Texas and then southwest Louisiana. He returned to the area nine years ago.  

“I am doing something that I have been preparing for 40 years,” Holder said. In his role as associational missionary, Holder said his ministry has three pillars: support ministers, serve ministers and send missionaries.  

“Support, serve and send are our three pillars of ministry here. Those three things are a big overarching picture. I would say if there is one thing that I am supposed to do that is to help churches achieve their missions, whatever that is,” Holder said. “They are there for a purpose. I want to help them achieve that mission whether that is just caring for the members or helping them reach the community or even seeing bigger pictures.”  

The Southwest Arkansas Baptist Association has 37 churches, including four affiliates in Texas.  

“I think that it is good for our city that we reach across the state lines and all the barriers that are there and work together for the kingdom. I really believe that. I think that is so critical. We’re not running against each other. We’re running with each other,” Holder said. “We are better together.”  

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