We are the Fox* family. I grew up in Arkansas where my parents serve in music ministry at an Arkansas Baptist church. I served as a journeyman to South Asia, where I met Bud. After marriage, we moved back there to serve. We have three kids now- two boys and a daughter. We have served in South Asia for about six years and have spent the last four years in the Middle East still reaching South Asians and keeping close contact with our networks there. We are on our stateside assignment for the next few months traveling all around Arkansas and beyond, telling the amazing things God is doing around the world.  

We have found that life overseas is really not as exotic as one might think. I grew up learning about the hardships of missionaries and all the crazy hard things they went through. I imagined I would trek through jungles with babies on my back to my grass hut. Life turned out to look a bit different than that. We do love to travel in rickshaws and barter for vegetables, but I can also order groceries online and take a metro to the world’s tallest tower or have a coffee at Starbucks. Daily life looks a lot like homeschool, cooking yet another meal at home, meeting people at the park and trying to stay connected with friends all over the world.  

We saw God work in amazing ways this last term.  There were two South Asian brothers who were feeling the call of God to reach the unreached people around the world, and we were able to get connected and help them come to the Middle East for a short-term trip.  It was amazing to see how because they came from a Muslim background and because the Lord had gifted them in evangelism, they were very effective in their ministry in the Middle East.  In three months, they were able to lead 20 Muslims to faith and start three house churches in the Middle East.  Please continue to pray for them as they will depart soon and leave behind young emerging leaders that will be responsible for carrying the work forward. 

We are so thankful for all the prayers and support we have received over the past years. God is doing fantastic things around the world and having a front row seat is amazing. However, we know for sure that without the support of Arkansas Baptists and the Cooperative Program, we could not do what we do. You are essential to the work! Some days it is easy to want to give in to doubts and fears and assume there is nothing that we have to offer the Lord, but He reminds us of the army of prayer warriors and generous men and women all over the world who support and want to see God’s Kingdom spread, and it gives us the strength to press on. Thank you for your support of what God is doing around the world.  

You can pray for us during stateside assignment that we would be refreshed and renewed. 

Pray that we would have openness of churches to join us in the work and partnership. 

Pray that our children would grow in their relationship with the Lord and form godly friendships. 

Pray for our marriage to continue to be strong and that we would grow daily in our walk with Jesus. 

(*Names changed) 

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