MinistrySafe offers free resource for Child Abuse Prevention Month

By Emily Smith, Children’s Ministry Specialist, ABSC

I’m sure you have seen the first-time parent commercial where the new mom has the baby stroller loaded down with everything imaginable for their baby’s first outing. Then the next slide shows a now experienced mom with second child on hip, hand of toddler in the other hand as she grabs a handful of cereal on her way out the door.

As parents, we’ve all gone through these different stages with our kids. From that first time parent, making sure we have everything we need, to a more experienced parent who understands the essentials.

One thing, no matter what stage we may be in with our kids, safety is always a priority. From an endless supply of band-aids for skinned knees to the proper car seat for travel—safety is always a priority when it comes to parenting.

You may not be aware, but April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. To help parents make safety a priority for their family, MinistrySafe is providing their Parent Training for FREE for the entire month of April. This is one of the essentials you’ll want to share with parents in your ministry.

Visit to access this free training, or find it in your Control Panel. Billing has been turned off, so send this training to anyone in your ministry at NO COST!

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