Mission:Dignity 13th check recipients send thanks

GuideStone recently released information that Mission:Dignity recipients in Arkansas had received an additional check in September of this year. See original story here.  

As Thanksgiving approaches, the ABF staff thought it would be appropriate to share some of the notes that have been received as a result of this bonus check.  

Lenora Edwards wrote: 

“Mr. Thomas-President/CEO and Arkansas Baptist Foundation, 

My sincere appreciation for the extra check. It has been a huge help in meeting these unexpected expenses that I’ve had. God is so good and so faithful.”  

From Robert Keith and Renae D. Smith:  

“I want to thank you and all involved in the ABSC for helping retired ministers and families. I am very thankful for what all the SBC agencies do to help further the gospel.  

Your gift comes in a time of need. My wife, Renae, is going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for testing to determine what needs done to fix a problem below her aortic valve. Doctors here were at a loss as what to do. 

Please pray that they can resolve the problem. It is usually me with the heart trouble. She has been by my side 48+ years.  

Thank you again.” 

Floyd and Mary Jane Killough had this to say:  

“We were informed this week that we would receive $225.00 in the coming weeks from the Baptist Foundation through Mission:Dignity. We were excited to know this as we can always use a little extra money.  

We know fully that God supplies all our needs and He works through people so this money will be used wisely.  

Thank you so much for helping us in this way. We are so blessed and wish for you all God’s blessings in your lives.” 

Lois Christmas expressed her appreciation:  

“I just want to say from my heart a great big thank you for the help that you at the Arkansas Baptist Foundation have given to us. They have been such a great help for some of us that have struggled to get by on Social Security.  

My SS check pays my bills, but I have help from Dignity (sic) that pays for my food. Thanks so much for what the Arkansas Baptist Convention has done.  

My husband and I worked 62 years in Arkansas Baptist churches.”  

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