By Dr. J. D. "Sonny" Tucker

Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Never Abandon the Basics

By Dr. J. D. "Sonny" Tucker

Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

By Dr. J.D. “Sonny” Tucker, Executive Director, ABSC

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One of the principles we know to build our life and ministry on is to never abandon the basic, foundational principles and activities. Challenging times can easily stall us into inactivity, and easy times can lure us to be sluggish and undisciplined.

Our unusual times have proved to be a major source of stress on our pastors and staff. We constantly hear the toll that this pressure is exerting on our pastors, staff, their families and our churches.

We have heard from a myriad of pastors who are being slammed in between middle of one vocal group in their church who wants to fully re-engage in usual church activities and another vocal group who is fearful to engage on any level. The wearing or not wearing of a mask seems to be a center point of the tension. Our pastors and staff have a heart to shepherd their congregation and these challenges present a struggle to know how to fully meet the needs of their congregation. This emotional struggle to minister to all the people whom God has called our men and women to love and serve is taking an emotional toll on our ministers.

Even in these trying times, there are physical things we should do every day: eat, sleep, express love to our spouses and children, etc. There are also spiritual things we must commit to do every day, even in difficult times. One of those foundational activities is sincere, thoughtful and intense prayer.

The Annual Prayer Gathering targets pastors, staff, all ministers and lay leaders to join in one of the most critical and foundational elements of our life. This year we have altered the normal pattern to allow you to join optional host sites all around the state or to join virtually. You can find information at

The normal pattern for this event has been altered for you because of your incredible value to God and to us.

In the middle of these challenging circumstances, I believe God wants to encounter you directly and personally to give you a fresh touch, a personal anointing, a new unction and a clear vision for the future.

I greatly anticipate this incredible time of renewal with you!

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