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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – If you follow the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) on social media or click around the website every now and again, you’re bound to come upon a couple of their podcasts created by their teams. 

With new and exciting things coming for some, we wanted to take a minute and talk about what all these shows have been up to and give you a glimpse inside what’s coming to your favorite podcast listening app very soon. 

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Inspire On The Go with Andrea Lennon 

The Inspire On The Go podcast is a branch off of the Inspire Women’s Conference hosted by Andrea Lennon, Women’s Ministry Specialist for the ABSC. In any other year, we’d hear interviews and teachings from Andrea and her guests for women in ministry and on the go. 

However, this season of the podcast is going to look a bit different. Because of the pandemic and the logistics of  Inspire 2021, the normal breakout sessions were not able to happen. In order to provide the same learning experiences, Andrea and the Inspire team are bringing those breakout sessions to Inspire On The Go. So whether or not you were able to attend in March, everyone will have access to these valuable learning tools. 

The first session has already dropped, and they will continue every other Monday for a couple of months. 

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The Lead>Defend Podcast 

The Lead>Defend podcast is a branch off of the Lead>Defend Conference hosted by the College+Young Leaders team (CYL) at the ABSC. 

This year’s Lead>Defend Conference also looked a little different. With three main speakers and no breakout sessions, they still wanted to make additional content available for everyone to hear. 

Hosts Seth Tucker and Ryan Scantling were able to sit down with the speakers, Dr. Frank Turek, Mary Jo Sharp, and Alycia Wood, to chat about their presentations and other miscellaneous topics. These are exclusively on the podcast for all to enjoy. Tucker and Scantling will also be breaking down information from the conference and these interviews in episodes dropping later this season. 

Apart from bringing the conference to those who might not have been able to attend in March, Lead>Defend has also branched out in the podcast world to start including video as well as audio formats of the podcast. You can find them on Youtube here

The ABSC offers a variety of shows for different ministries. While no longer running, The Grind, a church planting podcast, has its entire library available for those who want to be entertained and learn about church planting in Arkansas and beyond. 

With steady growth comes new ideas, therefore the ABSC is currently developing several other podcasts that will be coming along soon. For whatever ministry you might be interested in or involved in, they’ll probably have a show for you to listen to and learn from in the near future. 

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