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Logan Moore is an Assistant Campus Minister to international students and college girls at the University of Arkansas. She is passionate about international ministry and training American students to be cross-cultural disciple-makers. 

This year at the BCM, we began hosting Masterclasses. We saw students desiring to understand what the Bible says concerning certain topics. This desire motivated the class I teach on worldview and religion. Twice a month we meet to discuss a different religion present on campus through the lens of worldview questions, the goal being to equip students to be effective cross-cultural disciple-makers. Many students have taken what they have learned and put it into action.

Lauren’s friend, Cory, is a member of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. “We had a lot of conversations about LDS in high school, because we knew our beliefs had differences. However, Masterclass showed me there are more differences than I realized. I was curious about what Cory believed personally, and I am hoping for future conversations about the Gospel.” Lauren sent Cory questions about his faith, and the two are now in an on-going email conversation about their beliefs. 

Though this class was created for believers, every week we have had non-believers join the class with their BCM friends. This has challenged me to be even clearer on the Gospel and what Christians believe in contrast to other religions. Likewise, this has set our students up to have intentional spiritual conversations.

Shawn has been building a friendship with a Japanese student, Kevin. Kevin wants to learn about different religions and has found Masterclass helpful for that. Shawn has shared the Gospel with Kevin, and the class has initiated further conversations. “Kevin coming to Masterclass has given me opportunities to have great conversation explaining what Christians believe. We have been able to talk about how our beliefs about Jesus set Christianity apart from all other faiths.”

Ariel has had a similar experience with her Bolivian Buddhist friend, Serena. “The Masterclass on Buddhism gave me a better understanding of what Serena believes. This helped me to explain the Gospel in a way that she could understand in her worldview and avoid using Christian lingo.” Serena attended one Masterclass, and she engaged well, asking questions about Christianity and beliefs about reincarnation and karma. She also asked for a Bible and left that night with her own copy of God’s Word.

The knowledge that students will gain in Masterclass will equip them to more effectively reach their peers on campus. My prayer is that God will use this season of learning for decades to come as our college students move to new cities, enter the workforce, and join churches in Arkansas, across the nation, and throughout the world.

Names have been changed in this story for student safety and privacy.

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