Ouachita Online offers bachelor’s degrees online

ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – When universities made the decision to close their physical campuses and move to online learning, there were many who were inconvenienced. However, online degree programs powered on in a distance learning situation to which they were already well accustomed.

Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) launched its online bachelor/associate degree programs in 2015, so when COVID-19 hit, their programs were virtually unaffected. The school has been offering three programs, a bachelor’s degree with majors in Christian Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies, and an associate’s degree in Christian Studies.

OBU has now added Nursing RN to BSN, and Organizational Leadership to its growing list of online programs. The nursing program is for licensed registered nurses who are looking to pursue their BSN in a year or less. Organizational Leadership includes courses in Business, Social Science, Professional Writing, and is designed to meet the student’s career path needs.

“Two of those degrees, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Organizational Leadership, are geared toward transfer students who are trying to finish their degrees they may have started at another college or university.” Jessica Qualls, Transcript Processor/Online Service Coordinator at OBU, said. “A number of former Ouachita students have been able to complete their Ouachita degrees through the online program.

Although some degrees are geared toward transfer students, anyone can pursue any of the degrees no matter their status. They can also begin their degree programs at almost any given time, as Ouachita Online offers five entry points since classes follow an 8-week schedule. Interested students can enter during Fall terms I or II, Spring terms I or II, and Summer term. Tuition for their degree programs offers some of the lowest rates available.

To learn more about Ouachita Online, click here.

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