The ladies of the River Valley Christian Life Corps (RVCLC) practiced serving one another by giving manicures in preparation to visit residents of the Community Rescue Mission (CRM). In addition to serving one another they also learned a tool for sharing Jesus. Their goal was to get to know each other better and share Jesus’s love through pampering with polish.  

Former RVCLC graduate, Christina Findley, shared her inspiring testimony with the group. She spoke about how God redeemed her from addictions and homelessness and blessed her with a home, a beautiful family, and a job in management. 

While they were gathered, one of the ladies at CRM shared that she was ready to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior. Another past RVCLC graduate and current board member, Carmen Apolinar-Juarez, brought her 15-year-old daughter to serve. Her daughter had a front row seat to witness God’s call on this new believer’s life as she polished this woman’s nails. To hear the cry of a repentant heart and desire for a new life with Jesus was a wonderful experience for a young lady to have.  

Those involved in the RVCLC ministry say that “This event was a reminder that God is ahead of us, preparing hearts, and to ready ourselves, being intentional to share our time, talent, and treasures to let others know they are loved and valuable!”  

The Fort Smith CWJC site included Matthew 20:26-29 in their story as another reminder that we must serve our neighbors, just as God serves us daily, they also offer support in training the next generation to live on mission. 

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