Park Hill Baptist Church in North Little Rock celebrates 75 years of ministry 

This article was written by Judy Shaddox, who serves alongside her husband, Pastor Ken Shaddox.

One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.” Psalm 145:4 “ 

Legacy of Praise, the words imprinted in the 75th anniversary logo, captured the spirit of Park Hill Baptist Church in North Little Rock as the congregation gathered on Sunday, April 24th to celebrate this milestone.   

The vision for the church developed when, at the end of World War II, the Park Hill community experienced a large influx of people moving into the area. The first service was on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1947.   

In his message featuring Psalm 145, Dr. Ken Shaddox, Senior Pastor, asserted that God has done great things in Park Hill Baptist Church over the last 75 years. “He has saved people. He has supported missionaries and mission causes. He has used this church to teach children about God. He has befriended hurting people through the ministry of this church and so much more.”  Asking for volunteers ranging from senior adults to young children, he handed a baton used for track events to the senior adult volunteer. The baton represented God’s word, God’s story, God’s will, and God’s commands. The group passed it from the oldest to youngest being careful not to drop it – illustrating the importance of passing our spiritual heritage from one generation to the next.   

Members met back at 5:00 pm for a church-wide anniversary dinner and program hosted by David Avery.  The program included worship by Larry Grayson and the Park Hill Praise Team, Scripture readings by children and students, an anniversary-themed video, and a devotion by Kathryn Jones. The group reviewed the impact of the three former pastors Taylor Stanfill, Rheubin South, and Dr. Cary Heard through his video message. Another video featured greetings from Arkansas Baptist State Convention Executive Director, Dr Sonny Tucker followed by a conversation with the former church administrator, Jimmie Sheffield, who is still an active member, and beautiful special music by Victoria Mantooth. 

Earlier in April, a period of 75 consecutive hours was set aside in 30-minute increments for members to sign up and commit to pray for Park Hill Baptist Church and its impact and outreach in the community and beyond. Three more celebrations are scheduled in August and November 2022 and then in February 2023.   

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