Pastor credits God for saving church from devastation

DYER – Pastor Randy Jones is crediting God’s intervention from preventing what could have been a devastating fire at First Baptist Church, Dyer, last week.

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A burglar, who broke into a rear window of the church that faces away from the street, caused damage to the interior of the church, and ignited a flower arrangement on the communion table, Jones said in reporting the incident to police Dec. 13.

“But the fire stopped, and we believe God extinguished the fire,” Jones told KFSM 5 News. “There is no doubt in my mind.”

While the flower arrangement and a portion of the table used by the church for the Lord’s Supper were damaged, the carpet below the table was left untouched.

“The carpet wasn’t even burned. There’s some charred pieces of wood on the carpet but it’s not burned. And once again I think it’s was divine intervention,” he said.

Jones said he discovered the fire upon entering the sanctuary and noticing a burned odor smell. First Baptist, located at 605 Washington St. in Dyer, was organized in 1893.

Chief Troy Leonard of the Dyer Police Department said officers are looking through security cameras in the area in an effort to get an idea who broke into the church.

“It’s one of those things that’s really unfortunate for our town. We really rely on our citizens being able to keep an eye out, because we are such a small department,” Leonard said.

Jones told 5 News the church is resilient and said the incident will have “no effect” on their congregation.

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