Pastors plan community-wide prayer service on Thursday, April 6

A community-wide prayer service will take place at Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock on today, April 6, at 6 p.m. for local Arkansans to unite in praying for those devastated by the recent tornadoes.  

Steven Smith, the pastor at Immanuel, Jeff Dial, the pastor of Life Line Baptist Church, Jonathan Storment, the preaching minister at Pleasant Valley Church of Christ, and several other pastors in the area came together to plan this interdenominational prayer service. 

“We’re so grateful for this opportunity to show unity, but also seek the Lord for His blessing and His favor during this time of incredible tragedy,” Smith said, encouraging his congregation to attend the city-wide prayer service in a video on social media.  

The evening will include scripture reading from pastors in the area and focus on the true hope of Jesus Christ, all with the purpose of helping survivors persevere through His power.

“Every day is a good day for prayer, especially when people are hurting physically, mentally and spiritually,” Dial said. “Arkansas people have real needs right now. God’s people, the church, should be salt and light as never before.” 

During these difficult times, Dial believes Arkansans must pray as Jesus teaches in Matthew 6:9-10.  

“The heart of the prayer meeting is for lost people to have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the Christian to be encouraged through prayer and the words of Jesus Christ,” Dial said. 

Immanuel is located at 501 N. Shackleford Rd., Little Rock, Arkansas 72211, and the prayer service will take place in the worship center. 

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