By Bobby Thomas

President/CEO, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

[Perspective] Energized by summer season

By Bobby Thomas

President/CEO, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

I have often said that summer should be the Foundation’s “slow time” or at least “non-peak season” regarding in-office activity. However, as I reflect back on this June, I cannot help but be energized by all that God is doing and everything I have witnessed this month. Here are some of the highlights we can celebrate together. 

Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries – I had the opportunity to attend a couple of meetings at the new central office on Markham Street. I heard stories involving the expansion of ministry and stewardship of resources and facilities. 

Ouachita Baptist University – At the June Board Meeting, I heard reports of continued student enrollment despite the state and national demographic headlines. Also, the administration continues to be sensitive to the needs of our churches and state in the development of new programs. 

Southern Baptist Convention – At the IMB dinner, we celebrated Arkansas native Dr. Rebekah Naylor as she was honored for her years of services as a missionary surgeon and healthcare missions advocate. The Annual Meeting was presided over well by another Arkansas native Bart Barber who demonstrated tremendous patience and grace, all while mourning the passing of his mother. There were many other Arkansans involved throughout the week, including Archie Mason completing his term on the Executive Committee by providing leadership as finance chair at such a critical time in our convention. The convention meeting also served as a reminder of the tremendous ministry partners we have in Guidestone and WatersEdge.  

Williams Baptist University – June certainly has been a memorable time for the leadership at Williams. We had the pleasure of awarding the Hammons capital grant of $275,000 earlier in the month, then it was announced last week that Williams had been selected to receive a $4,000,000 gift from the Mabee Foundation, which will be the largest gift ever received by the university. 

Camp Siloam – Also last week, I had the opportunity to attend the camp’s summer board meeting on site at camp. We heard stories of salvation and service as the camp is celebrating 100 years of ministry. 

Speaking of camp, June is the official start of summer for most and brings longer days of sunshine while also marking “camp season.” As June wraps up, I will certainly need all the energy I can muster as I serve again this year during Super Summer at Ouachita. 

Please continue to pray for all the many things happening in Baptist life this summer. 

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