By Arkansas Baptist News

[Perspective] Living Well Counseling promoting community connection, education

By Arkansas Baptist News

James Barham, Director of Counseling of Living Well Counseling 

Living Well Counseling (LWC) offers comprehensive mental health services for individuals, couples, and families in Arkansas. In addition to providing counseling services across the state, LWC has established strong relationships with churches, community organizations, and professionals. This trust has opened doors for LWC team members to engage with communities at the local level, providing education on mental health matters and promoting the development of healthy families. 

  • Nashville, AR Pregnancy Resource Center – Crystal Evans, LPC, participated in the grand opening of a new building and shared about the services available to women and families that seek assistance through the Pregnancy Resource Center.  
  • Walnut Street Baptist Church – James Barham, Director of Counseling, Mandy Young, LCSW, and Ashlyn Johnson, Northeast AR Regional Coordinator, had the opportunity to speak on a panel educating families in the church about the importance of technology safety and prioritizing connection within families.  
  • Word Baptist Church – Katelyn Paxson, LMSW, had the opportunity to speak at Women of Word ministry at Word Baptist Church in Jonesboro, AR. In a panel discussion, Katelyn and another community mental health therapist discussed how to make and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family, and how to have healthy care of personal mental health.  
  • Wynne Baptist Church – Katelyn Paxson, LMSW spoke with foster parents through Connected Foster Care in Wynne, AR on TBRI (Trust-based Relational Intervention) based parenting, and skills for parenting a child who has experienced trauma.  
  • Shepherd’s Conference 2023 – LWC had the privilege of hosting this event to minister to pastors and ministry leaders from across Arkansas, building them up to maintain healthy minds and hearts as they care for those in their local churches.  
  • Breaking Free Event in Paragould, AR – LWC partnered with this local nonprofit organization seeking to help individuals break free from addiction through finding hope in Jesus by providing a table with resources related to counseling services.  
  • State of Arkansas Board of Examiners of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors – Sean Culpepper, Assistant Counseling Director, serves on the board promoting ethical decision making and professionalism in the field.  

We cast our gaze to the future and the opportunities that lie ahead for LWC. As partnerships continue to grow and develop, LWC is available to invest in communities across Arkansas, providing resources and education on individual mental health as well as family healing and restoration from a Biblical foundation. In the coming months, LWC will serve as a sponsor for the Arkansas Christian Counselors and Therapists conference. Additionally, Heather Maino, Community Site Supervisor, alongside her husband, Todd, will lead the first Cultivate Connection class for parents wanting to learn how to build skills for healthier family relationships. 

The leadership at LWC expresses gratitude for how God has already made an impact in local communities and eagerly anticipates witnessing God’s unwavering faithfulness in the future. 

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