By Derek Brown, Ph.D., LPC

Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries

[Perspective] Recalculating

By Derek Brown, Ph.D., LPC

Executive Director, Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries

I dialed a phone number yesterday and was surprised when a human answered. I actually listened closely to confirm I wasn’t being tricked by another robotic voice that sounded particularly human.  

At the store yesterday, I checked out using technology where a human once stood. I held out on this option until it became obvious that I was in a losing battle. When driving through cities or unfamiliar places, I am quick to turn on the GPS and trust what the lady in my phone tells me to do. It usually works out fine, but we have had our moments. Recently I was driving through Dallas and just as I approached an intersection that resembled a bowl of spaghetti, she decided to perpetually recalculate.  

Technology is great until it isn’t. If we are honest, human interaction is the same. Most of the work we do at Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries is because humans have hurt other humans. This is a reflection of the unfortunate reality that relationships are the most broken part of our fallen world. I hate seeing this brokenness, but I love being in the justice business.  

The phrase “hurt people hurt people” is often true, but it doesn’t have to be the only way. Through Gospel-centered reconciliation, we can experience a world where “healing people heal people.” We can’t escape the brokenness, but Jesus entered the world to bring redemption. I am such an advocate for Christian counseling because this Gospel truth forms the foundation for the therapeutic relationship. Even though we have been hurt by people, we need people to help us heal. The Christian counselor is equipped with the resources needed to support your journey toward healing. The confidential space helps too.  

We built Living Well Counseling for you. By the way, we also use technology to make counseling available anywhere in the state. If you prefer in person, find the location nearest you at or call (501)737-4320 to get matched with a counselor.  

Spread the word – Let’s be a generation of healing people healing people!  

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