Pure Water, Pure Love: A WMU Compassion Ministry

Around the world, people are at constant risk of contracting a disease or parasites from their water. Many people are forced to carry jugs of water for miles just to be sure their families have clean water.  And in many places, the prospect of clean water simply does not exist. 

With the help of hundreds of churches, Pure Water, Pure Love (PWPL) provides thousands of water filters to missionary families and helps fund clean water projects. 

The mission of PWPL is three-fold:  

  • supply missionaries with water filters  
  • provide the people they serve with wells that offer clean water  
  • supply missions teams with water filters for use on short-term missions trips. 

Brian and Emily serve with IMB in Sub-Saharan Africa. Emily says, “We have used and relied on our Pure Water, Pure Love water filters since first arriving in West Africa seven years ago. We face so many health issues living in a third-world country. One of the daily chores our kids have is to fill the water filter and then re-fill our water bottles with clean water. This keeps our stock supplied and removes the stress of worrying about parasites in our drinking water. Using the PWPL filters also takes away the financial stress of having to buy bottled water.” 

Arkansas Baptist church and associational women’s groups have raised money to provide PWPL water filters for IMB missionaries. Girls in Action, Royal Ambassador, and Children in Action groups have collected offerings for Pure Water, Pure Love.    

If you are interested in learning more about PWPL, check out the online minicourse Pure Water, Pure Love: An Overview for information, resources, and training tools.  The self-guided lessons include videos and testimonies from those impacted by WMU’s work. 

To learn more or to support PWPL financially, visit  https://wmu.com/compassion-ministries/ministries/pwpl/   

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