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LITTLE ROCK – Prayer is as powerful a tool as we have as Christians. As Arkansas Baptists we strive to create a community of fervent prayer warriors. Our annual Pastors Statewide Prayer Gathering has gathered pastors and other ministers for the past six years to come together to pray for spiritual awakening. This has created an atmosphere of prayer across our state that is unlike any other.

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Prayer leaders in Arkansas now have created regional prayer gatherings to be held across the state in February, March and April specifically designed for church members to join in the movement of prayer. The idea for regional prayer gatherings was a natural outflow from the Pastors Statewide Prayer Gatherings. Prayer leaders want to give church members an opportunity to experience the power of prayer warriors coming together to pray for a movement of God. The purpose is to train church members in praying for revival and spiritual awakening in our state and to emphasize the importance of praying together for a movement of God in our state.

“We want it to be an inspiration, as well as training,” Jimmie Sheffield, assistant to the executive director said. He hopes it’ll bring Arkansas Baptists together to pray more intentionally for revival and spiritual awakening. The hope is that these prayer gatherings will encourage pastors, church leaders, and lay people alike to build a culture of prayer as a tool to use in their churches.

These regional gatherings will include workshops designed to equip participants to pray intentionally, learn to experience the presence of God, and lead others in their church to pray for revival.

Make plans to attend at the location near you to learn how to pray more effectively for our state and to join our hearts together in Christ.

Dates and locations:

• February 16 at First Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• February 23 at First Baptist Church, White Hall, Arkansas

• March 15 at Hot Springs Baptist in Hot Springs, Arkansas

• April 26 at Walnut Street Baptist in Jonesboro, Arkansas

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Sarah Vaughn is a content creator for the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

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