Remembering a Call to Serve: Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

By: Zachariah Seanor

annie armstrong

Woman's Missionary Union

Annie Armstrong is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in Baptist life. Although many may know the name, few people can actually tell you who Annie Armstrong was and why she is relevant today.

The story of Annie Armstrong begins with tragedy. She lost her father at a young age, followed by her beloved brother a few years later. Miss Armstrong was astonished by the humble and peace-filled faith of her mother in the face of unspeakable grief. From that time forward, Miss Armstrong was convinced that in the midst of any struggle, true peace could only be found in her surrender to the grace of God.

Burdened with a call to share the love of Christ she felt with others in the midst of hardship, Miss Armstrong began to take action. She organized groups committed to prayer and fundraising for missions work, and she wrote literally thousands of letters to encourage other believers to become active and involved in the mission of God. Perhaps more importantly, Miss Armstrong was not afraid to take part in service herself as she visited the marginalized and poor of society. She reached out to those who had been abused and left behind by an increasingly indifferent culture.

The zeal and fervor of Miss Armstrong inspired a generation of Baptists to become an active part of God’s work of redemption and restoration in the world. Today, we remember this legacy and take part in a collective effort to serve our neighbors and fellow Americans who have been left behind. We take up an offering in the name of Annie Armstrong to follow in the work begun by a woman who felt a call to serve almost 150 years ago. Take your place as a part of God’s mission here at home and in the famous words of Miss Armstrong, “Go Forward!”

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