Old church stands strong on CP, gains new life

SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. (BP) – The Cooperative Program is neither a “sacred cow” nor the only way to support missions. Rather, it’s the best way to financially provide for Kingdom-building missions, say members of Goshen Baptist Church, who will celebrate the church’s 150th anniversary next year.

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The Compelling Work of the Holy Spirit

I have never seen God move like He has the last four to five weeks in our church. I know pastors can say things like that at times in an attempt to lift themselves up or their church. I promise you that is not my intention, and hopefully the rest of this article will prove that. Our story in Northwest Arkansas began in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I know that sounds weird, so let me explain.

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[Bible, Ministry & More] Encouragement for Lay Ministry Leaders

As a nine-year-old girl I walked the aisle during children’s church at First Baptist Church of Rogers and was baptized into the saving grace of Jesus. I have vivid memories of our whole congregation gathered in a circle around the sanctuary every Sunday night at the close of evening service, hands joined, voices raised, singing the chorus “We are One in the Bond of Love” in faith together.

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