The Election Is Over Where Do We Go from Here?

We are living through one of the most significant moments in the history of the United States. While simultaneously dealing with a pandemic, our nation is divided beyond what we have ever witnessed in our generation.

Additionally, a volatile election has now occurred and as of Wednesday, the day after Election Day, and we still do not know the outcome. In all reality, regardless of who wins, we still woke up today to the very same things we knew yesterday.

No matter the outcome, we must choose to live what we testify to already know. We must live day-by-day believing …

God Is Sovereign Over All Human Affairs

Our trust is in our Sovereign God. Our trust has never been in any political party or politician. While each has a place in our society, neither is sovereign over us.

Our God is sovereign over everything and everyone. The Bible says:

  • Daniel 2:21, “He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings.”
  • Daniel 4:26, “…Heaven rules.”
  • Proverbs 21:1, “A king’s heart is like streams of water in the Lord’s hand; He directs it wherever He chooses.”

God is sovereign and in charge. He removes leaders and He establishes leaders. His purpose is eternal and will be fulfilled. God has the final word. We do not.

Jesus is Lord. He always has been and always will be. That is why we surrender our lives to the supremacy of Jesus Christ.

We Are Imperfect, and Our Processes Are Flawed

This election season has been difficult and overflowing with emotion, and at times, even resulted in violence and destruction.

As Wall Street Journal writer Peggy Noonan wrote recently, “We’re in an age of drama and extremes.”

Some act like we have had pure choices before and now we do not. Let’s get real: we have never had pure choices.

We live in a fallen world and all of our systems are less than perfect. It was fallen when some of our greatest presidents were elected and they and others have emerged through the fire of leadership.

Perfection will not occur until we die and our residency changes from here to heaven, ultimately when Jesus comes again in His eternal, Sovereign Kingdom.

Whenever we know the results of this election, we need to trust God and go forward. God has this election and the whole world is in His hands.

The Bible Is God’s Word, and We Must Proclaim His Truth Boldly

As Bible-believing Christians, we must proclaim God’s truth boldly and unashamedly. While we will honor and pray for our political leaders, our allegiance is ultimately to God and the Bible.

When necessary, we speak boldly and prophetically to the church as well as the leaders in our nation. Arrogance, anger, and outrage should never be found within us. As God’s people, we should be marked with humility, love, and the power of God when we speak.

That is why we will always continue to speak the truth about:

  • The Supreme Court and its Future. This is important to us because a President can shape a generation, but his or her appointments can shape many generations.
  • The Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life from the Womb to Natural Death. If we destroy human life in the womb, our view of human life between birth and death becomes distorted, which also leads to devaluing each person created in the image of God. These evil choices lead to a corrosion of our entire culture and decision making.
  • Religious Liberty in America and Across the World. We desire for our government to live up to the first amendment in our constitution, which grants the blessing of religious liberty for all Americans. It is called upon to honor and preserve what God has given us—the freedom to worship God without harm or threat. We desire the same to happen across the world.
  • National Security. The Bible is clear in Romans 13:4-7, that the government is responsible to protect us from one another, but also those outside of our nation who may wish to do us harm.
  • Economy. A healthy economy can create more jobs, more opportunities, contribute to building successful families, assist those in need, always with a goal of eliminating poverty, as well as help provide our nation with an even greater defense.

Therefore, we proclaim God’s Word boldly, addressing needs like these as well as others that we know represent the heart of our God in His Word.

Only God Can Heal Our Nation and No One Else

Who can heal our nation?

  • Not a politician.
  • Not a political party.
  • Not a president.
  • Not a government agency.
  • Not a state.
  • Not an educator.
  • Not an entertainer.
  • Not a preacher.
  • Not a celebrity.
  • Not an athlete.
  • Not a leader.
  • Not a church.

Each is important. Not one is imperative.

Only Jesus can heal our nation. Only Jesus can heal relationships.

America is broken. Each of us are broken.

Jesus is the answer. He always has been and He always will be.

While being our only solution, Jesus is never our problem.

America needs Jesus. The world also needs Jesus.

Therefore, go tell.

Now is the time to lead.

This was originally sent through the Baptist Press newsletter, which can be found here.

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