Of all the challenges I face as a pastor, at the top of the list is the challenge to unconditionally love people – all people.  Yet the Bible tells us that loving people is the Heart of a Shepherd.  It was the heart of our Great Shepherd and it’s to be our heart as well.  This year’s Pastors’ Conference will focus on just that…loving people from the Heart of a Shepherd.  You will hear from 16 pastors from across our state who will encourage and equip you in loving your people.  Topics will include the foundation of a pastor’s love, the challenges of loving people, re-kindling your love for people, and building a culture of love in your church. 

Every year I look forward to the Pastor’s Conference!  It’s just a great time of fellowship, worship, and encouragement with other pastors across our state.  I am praying that God will re-ignite our passion for loving people from the Heart of a Shepherd.  I am looking forward to seeing you in Hot Springs on Monday! 

Ronnie Deal, Pastors’ Conference President 

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