By Bobby Thomas

President/CEO, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

Time Well Spent

By Bobby Thomas

President/CEO, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

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By Bobby Thomas

President, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

As we move through this season of uncertainty, we are continually adjusting our plans and attempting to make the most of our time. One of the best examples I have observed of “time well spent” is through a member of our staff, Abigail Brizuela. I have shared below a note I received from Abigail as she prepares to return to Honduras.


I would like to thank you for the opportunity I was given to join the ABF in serving fellow believers. As I reflect on my year of service, I can see how God was with me through every step. As an international student from Honduras, I knew staying in the US and going through the process of applying for work permits would be difficult. However, God already had the perfect plan. Being at the Foundation has allowed me to learn more about Estate Planning and the impact people can make even after they are gone. I am especially grateful for the involvement I have had with the scholarships the ABF manages. It has been a joy getting to inform students of their awards, as I personally know how important each scholarship can be to finish the school year.

Even though my time at the ABF was cut short due to COVID-19 and immigration policies, I know God is still reigning sovereign above all. I am beyond thankful for everyone at the office, for their leadership and guidance as I transitioned from college into the real world. I have been able to grow professionally and spiritually thanks to the leadership of the ABF and this is something I am not taking for granted. I am trusting this time away will just be temporary, but even if it is not, my goal in life still remains, to serve others and to continue sharing God’s kingdom.

Abigail Brizuela

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