Disaster Relief Work Continues in Jonesboro, Gospel Being Shared

Chaplains reported that there has been one salvation so far during this deployment. They also report many contacts during which they have prayed with folks and shared the Gospel.

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Five teams continued to do recovery work in the greater Jonesboro area today. Randy Garrett noted that the community in and around Jonesboro has really come together and that like a lot of places in Arkansas, its neighbors helping neighbors.

The Corners Chapel Feeding unit is continuing to feed first responders with a hot meal and coffee during their shift change around 5 a.m. Garrett noted that the responders, who are from Craighead and adjoining counties, are very appreciative and thank the team every morning for incredible service.

Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro has been a huge blessing to Disaster Relief volunteers by helping feed volunteers as well as house chaplains and assessors. The Mt. Zion shower unit has also been a big help there.

Garrett said they are going to continue to help those in need as long as there are needs to be met. The testimony and gospel seeds sown by the Disaster Relief volunteers serving alongside our ABSC churches in Jonesboro undoubtedly will create great ministry open doors moving forward.

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