Weather Slows Jonesboro Disaster Relief Efforts

Weather conditions prevented many teams from getting out and working today. Many of the jobs our volunteers are doing involve tarping roofs and operating heavy machinery, and they didn’t want to put anyone in danger by being on wet roofs or destroying anyone’s yard by getting a machine stuck.

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Jonesboro has been fortunate to not only have Arkansas Baptists Disaster Relief helping, but volunteers from around the state. While many commercial areas were hit, which will involve their own companies’ help. Residential areas were also impacted, which is where a lot of DR effort has been spent in the last few days.

KAIT-8, the local news station in Jonesboro, ran a story on volunteer efforts that featured some of our DR volunteers. You can click here to watch, or read the story.

Disaster Relief leadership has made it apparent that they are sticking with the CDC’s guidelines when it comes to volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Randy Garrett, DR director, said they are doing their best with social distancing and checking the temperatures of all volunteers in the morning before they head off to work.

Sometimes working close to someone while cleaning up a disaster area is just bound to happen. They have hand sanitizer and wipes at the ready and are encouraging volunteers to wash their hands as soon and as often as possible. As they try to prevent congregating, most volunteers are heading home for the night if they live within an hour to an hour and a half away. Chaplains and assessors are the only volunteers staying at Central Baptist Church.

Garrett said they have been working closely with the Code Enforcement in Jonesboro to know what areas they need to go to. They’ve also been working with local police. The County Judge has asked them to get with him tomorrow and help hold a press conference on the cleanup effort happening.

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Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief is a ministry of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) is known as a family and network of 1500+ Arkansas Baptist churches, agencies, and institutions around the state that have chosen to cooperate together to advance the Kingdom of Jesus.

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