Wei Lun’s Story: A Dixie Jackson follow-up

CONWAY, Ark. – As part of the Dixie Jackson State Missions Offering each year, we highlight various stories from all over the state to show Arkansas Baptists the ministries that you are part of when you give to the Dixie Jackson offering. We include stories from Disaster Relief, Community Missions, Church Planting, and College Ministries. Earlier this year we brought you Wei Lun’s story from the Conway Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM). 

Ryan Scantling, BCM Campus Minister in Conway, said that Wei Lun has stepped up and stepped out in incredible ways. “He’s leading a Bible study at the BCM on Monday nights and has been faithful in having Gospel appointments and meeting up with students in evangelism/discipleship,” Scantling said. 

“Although English is not my first language and public speaking is never my thing, I knew I had to say yes for the opportunity to lead a small group in order to push myself to grow in faith outside of my comfort zone,” Wei Lun said.

With everything going on in the world right now, Wei Lun said that this semester has definitely been challenging but that it’s been a blessing to see how God can use him in his community. 

“The opportunities to learn and discuss Scriptures have helped me to gain knowledge of God’s teaching. The awesome opportunities that I get to engage with freshmen and even foreign students have opened up my eyes,” Wei Lun said. “I am beyond blessed to have an amazing Christian community around me and I can’t wait to share the good news of Jesus with those who haven’t experienced him. God has shown me that if I have faith in him, I shall not be afraid of any challenges in life.”

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