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Andrea Lennon

A Powerful Information Supply

We are at our best when we look to God for answers. Once we realize that God has the answers because He is the answer, we can view every unanswered question as an opportunity to call on Him and listen for His reply. 

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[Bible, Ministry & More] The Benefit of Right Theology

   I want to share four beliefs about God that help me stay grounded during the uncertain moments of life. These beliefs provide a solid foundation to build my life upon. As I type them out, I am reminded that these truths cover or touch every area of life. From the moment of our birth to the moment we go home to be with Jesus, we are safe in God’s loving and all sufficient hand. 

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[Bible, Ministry & More] Moving on with the Things of God

Have you found yourself in a tight spot? A place where you are experiencing stress to the point you are unsure of the next step to take? This tight spot may be a result of circumstances you brought on yourself or a situation God is allowing to help you move on with the things of God.

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