3-01 Winter Storm Update from AR Baptist Disaster Relief


A winter storm moved through the area February 23-24 bringing ice, sleet and freezing rain to most of Arkansas. The hardest area of impact was Northeast Arkansas with many reports of trees and powerlines being down, which has caused many to be without power.

Incident Command is stationed at First Baptist Church in Marion. While power is being restored, the clean-up process continues. Recovery units from Tri-County Association, Beckspur Baptist Church, Arkansas River Valley Association, First Baptist Church Clarksville, and Rocky Bayou Association have been deployed to the area to help clean up and assist those in need.


Continue to pray for the areas significantly impacted by the ice and freezing rain and for those who have been impacted by this winter storm.

Pray for the travel of Disaster Relief volunteers as they go to help those who need it.

Pray for their safety as they clean up and serve communities.

Pray for opportunities to arise to meet spiritual needs of those affected.

Prior to the most recent winter storm, First Baptist Church in Marion created a video to promote and encourage their members to sign up to volunteer with Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief. Now as the site for the command center, hear their volunteer stories below and see how powerful of an impact Disaster Relief volunteers have on those who need them most in times of disaster.

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