Camp Siloam board of trustees issues press release 

SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. – Jason Wilkie has moved into a fundraising role for Camp Siloam, stepping aside as executive director on Jan. 1. Patrick Henry was appointed to oversee the camp’s operations until the Board of Trustees completes the search for a new executive director. The new role will allow Wilkie to focus on fundraising.  

“For two years, I’ve been talking with the Board of Trustees about a desire to step out of camp operations, into a purely fundraising role,” said Wilkie. “It has proven to be difficult for me to maintain the executive director title and focus on fundraising. I get drawn into operational issues and problem solving. I love the operational side of camp, but I can’t do both roles well.” 

During Wilkie’s 13-year tenure as executive director, the camp raised over five million dollars in capital funds for a new dining hall and bunkhouse. In 2014, with the untimely death of summer staff member, Shelby Seabaugh, the camp seeded the Shelby Seabaugh Scholarship Fund with memorial gifts from her family and friends. The scholarship fund now gives away almost $150,000 in scholarships each year. In August, Camp Siloam launched the Centennial Campaign to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The Centennial Campaign is a five-year 7.3-million-dollar campaign for scholarships, a recreational lake, a new bunkhouse, and a high ropes course. 

The Camp Siloam Board of Trustees issued a statement of appreciation for Wilkie’s ministry thus far, “We recognize and appreciate the unparalleled contributions that Jason and Julie Wilkie have made in their years leading Camp Siloam. Jason not only grew the camp itself but also grew the director’s role to include fund raising, which is now a vital component of ensuring the affordability for campers and the success of Camp Siloam as we look forward to the future. We are truly blessed to have spent the last 13 years serving alongside Jason and Julie and look forward to their continued ministry in Jason’s new role as Chief Advancement Officer.” 

“The Centennial Campaign is a major fundraising effort. Camp Siloam is at a place where the executive director role and the advancement officer are both full-time roles,” said Wilkie. “I have a high standard of excellence for my work. It has been getting harder to try to perform both roles to the standard of excellence I desire.” 

“My greatest contribution to the camp, in this season, is fundraising for scholarships and capital projects. I’m excited to get started and see what our Heavenly Father will do for Jesus’ ministry at Camp Siloam through this new role.” 

ABSC Executive Director Dr. Rex Horne expressed his thoughts on Wilkie’s transition, “I have long appreciated Jason Wilkie’s friendship and leadership. His devotion to Siloam is deep. His dedication to overcoming challenges the camp has faced is admirable. He has led through most difficult times. Arkansas Baptists are indebted to Jason for his service. For years to come we will benefit from his vision for Camp Siloam where countless lives will continue to be touched by Christ.”  

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