Central Baptist, North Little Rock, updates facilities

NORTH LITTLE ROCK – Central Baptist Church, North Little Rock, has recently completed two phases of a four-phase church renovation project to make its facilities more secure and functional.

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“The first two phases were the largest phases and constitute around 70 percent of the overall work we plan to do,” said Wyman Richardson, pastor of Central Baptist.

The first phase of the church’s renovations was the construction of a multi-purpose center called “The Rec.”

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“The multi-purpose area was needed because – outside of the fellowship hall – we did not have any large activity area,” said Richardson. “Our primary goal in this area is to provide space for children’s activities, ministry activities and host missions teams.”

With the new facility that includes a men’s and women’s shower areas, they were able to host more than 200 children for the Connect weekend held in October.

“We will be hosting our first mission team from outside of Arkansas next spring break,” said Richardson. “Additionally, we would like to encourage any churches reading this to feel free to contact us if you would like to bring a team to North Little Rock to do missions work!”

The second phase of Central Baptist’s renovations focused on the classrooms. The preschool area was moved from the front of the building into an “extensively renovated and more secure” part of the building in the back where adults used to meet, said Richardson.

“The new preschool area was needed primarily in order to provide a more secure, functional and updated area for us to minister to kids,” he said. “Our senior adults are also pleased to have been moved much closer to our sanctuary.”

Richardson said the new preschool area has generated a “great deal of excitement.”

“It is a joy to welcome the children of both members and visitors into this area,” said Richardson.

The other two phases of Central Baptist’s renovations are to expand the welcome center and restrooms and enlarge the student ministry area.

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