Bud* and Ginger* were both called by God at a very young age in Arkansas and Missouri. And they were each taught a great love for Jesus and the Gospel in their respective SBC churches. But God providentially brought them together while serving on the mission field, and eventually called them to South Asia.

As soon as they started serving in South Asia they came face-to-face with the reality of spiritual darkness. But they quickly faced another reality: The light drives out the darkness! God was displaying His power all over their South Asian mega-city, and they saw the qualities of Acts 2 in many settings as new believers were being added to the Church daily.

“There was such a spiritual hunger. It was amazing to see God at work,” says Bud. “We quickly realized that God had called us to become servants and encouragers of national brothers and sisters who are making incredible sacrifices and taking risks to see the kingdom spread all over their nation and beyond.”

Prayer Points: Let’s pray for new South Asian believers to be strengthened in their faith, and for new leaders to advance the missionary task among their own people.  Let’s also pray for Bud and Ginger’s family as they remain faithful to God’s call to serve among South Asians. 

*Names changed 

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