Greg Addison, former ABSC Associate Executive Director, is honored

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On Wednesday, October 20, 2020, the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) hosted a “going-away” party to honor former ABSC Associate Executive Director, Greg Addison. He is now serving the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee as Executive Vice President, where he will work directly alongside Dr. Ronnie Floyd, SBC President and CEO.

Dr. J.D “Sonny” Tucker (Executive Director of the ABSC), Adam Venters (BCM Metro Campus Minister) and Nick Burt (Assistant Director of Communications) all shared briefly about how Addison has impacted them as leaders, ministers and as Arkansas Baptists.

Venters shared, “If there is anything I have learned from Greg, it is to repeat whatever it is you believe over and over again – by molding this around the convictions of God and frame this around your own life.”

One thing that Venters values about Addison is his example of love. He shared that Addison – although a busy individual – is generous with his time. Venters expressed much gratitude for Addison, as he has served as a godly example for Venters to walk alongside.

Burt shared that, “Under Greg’s leadership and direction, we have launched multiple podcasts and email publications, we have launched new websites, we have launched print publications and multimedia packages, you name it. Funny enough, with all of these projects, Greg was never short of a good idea. He is a visionary.”

Burt also stated, “I have worked under Greg’s direction for about four and a half years. We are better as a team for working under Greg – under his leadership and direction. On a personal level, Greg has become a friend to me, he has coached me, he has mentored me.”

Dr. Tucker explained that Greg has been a friend – a fearless, godly and faithful leader. He led a time of prayer over Addison and his wife, Janet. Tucker repeatedly  expressed his deep appreciation for Addison as a minister, friend and fellow leader and encouraged Addison with the phrase, “You never backed down.” Addison has exemplified reliability, responsibility, courage and godliness as he has served Arkansas Baptists on every level.

Arkansas Baptists are grateful and honored to be served by Greg Addison, and we congratulate him as he moves forward to serve at the Southern Baptist Convention.

Click here for the article that originally appeared on the ABN website announcing Addison’s transition to the SBC.

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