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This article was written by Jared Farley, BCM minister at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia.

The college campus is a place of great transformation – good and bad. With so many things competing for students’ attention the Gospel remains the greatest news we can share. BCM’s equip and empower student leaders to share this news boldly with the people God has placed in their lives. Here is the one-story (among many) of Gospel transformation shared by one of our student leaders, Landon.

“I first met John* at the cafeteria during the first week of school. He was sitting alone. Our BCM had challenged us to have courage, especially the first few weeks of school to have conversations with new people. So I went and sat by John, and had a great conversation. I learned that he was on the football team. Him being a freshman, I had not met him yet. We talked about his favorite NFL team and players.

Eventually, I asked him what happened after we died. He had some different suggestions but ultimately, admitted he did not know for sure. I shared the Gospel with him, and he responded that he had never heard it said that way. He had grown up going to different private schools in Arkansas but never really got involved spiritually. He said that he was interested. He expressed some doubts about the gospel and concerns that held him back from giving his life to Christ. I did not have all the answers to his questions but was able to ask to continue the conversation.

I got his number to set up a meeting to get dinner together in the same spot to talk more about Jesus. He agreed to meet up, and after that one, again. We had dinner together at the same table where we first met throughout the semester, reading the Bible and talking about spiritual things. Not only did we get to grow together spiritually, but I also gained a friend.

One night later in the semester, just when I was starting to get discouraged about John’s lack of response to the Gospel, he came to dinner at that same table with the book of John read and was ready to make the decision to trust in Jesus. It was a moment I will never forget. I got to see God work in John’s heart throughout the semester and transform it before my eyes.”

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