The Williams Baptist University (WBU) Board of Trustees met in regular session Friday and recognized WBU student Bailee Haskins for her life-saving actions following a recent accident.   

Haskins, a WBU senior from Walnut Ridge, was with friends in rural Lawrence County recently when a woman rushed up to them saying her husband had been injured and trapped nearby in an ATV accident.  They reached the scene before emergency personnel could arrive and found the man pinned in the wreckage, bleeding profusely from a badly injured arm. 

Realizing the need to stem the blood loss, Haskins called her father to find out how to apply a tourniquet. Her father, Alan Haskins, heads the Fire Training Center at Black River Technical College and is a former Walnut Ridge fire chief, and he gave Bailey instructions over the phone. She fashioned a tourniquet from the ATV’s window seal and a stick and applied it successfully. 

When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they credited Bailee’s quick action with likely saving the man’s life. WBU President Dr. Stan Norman read a statement on the incident from Brian Luetschwager, director of the criminal justice department at WBU. 

“Bailee was able to think to call her father for help and maintained a cool demeanor while she was talked through the process of creating and applying a life-saving medical adjunct,” said Luetschwager.  “This is no small feat for those trained in emergency medical care, let alone a layperson.” 

The board responded with a standing ovation as Norman presented Haskins with a certificate and a gift of appreciation from the university. 

“Bailey is a great example of WBU students doing things the ‘Williams Way,’” said Norman. “Her quick response, calm demeanor and compassion saved a man’s life. She is a credit to this institution and her community, and it is our pleasure to honor her today.” 

In official action, the board voted unanimously to supply all requested information to the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) sexual abuse task force. The task force was established by the ABSC this fall to ensure that the convention and its entities are above reproach in handling any allegations of sexual abuse.  It is currently collecting policies and background information from all ABSC institutions and agencies. 

The motion read, “WBU enthusiastically embraces the request for information and will provide all information necessary to support the work of the ABSC task force on sexual abuse.” Norman reinforced the commitment of the university to this request, stating, “The Williams community fully endorses the work of the task force in this effort, and with the full support of our board, we will cooperate fully and completely with the task force in this important work.” 

Three new members were welcomed to the board Friday. Darren Caldwell of Jonesboro, John Hill of Jonesboro and Terry Smith of Walcott all began their terms on the board with this meeting. Hill is returning after previous service on the board, while Caldwell and Smith are new trustees. 

“We were delighted to welcome these three new trustees to the WBU board,” Norman said. “They join a group of men and women who consistently and passionately support the work of Christ-centered higher education at Williams. We had a great meeting today, and I am thankful for the wise input of the entire board.” 

This article was written and published by Williams Baptist University.

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