[Next Generation] How to share your faith

One of the most exciting parts of leading Baptist Collegiate Ministry on a university campus is training students how to share their faith. Below are five tips I give to every student that will also be helpful for you. 


I have been encouraged by mentors to pray a “Monday morning prayer” every week asking God to lead me to someone to share the Gospel with. It is amazing how often God answers that prayer with an open door of opportunity.  

Identify Open Doors 

As you pray for opportunities to share your faith, God is faithful to give them. In my life, those opportunities often come through stories of brokenness. How often this week have you heard someone mention an example of brokenness in our world? Whether it’s a relational issue, a broken economy, politics, death, or even a medical emergency, instances of brokenness come up regularly. I encourage people to see mentions of brokenness as an open door to ask a question.  

Ask A Question 

Oftentimes, when someone brings up a story of brokenness, I ask this question, “Do you think things are supposed to be this way?” Almost everyone has an opinion on that question. After they answer, they often ask me for my own response. This gives me the opportunity to share the Gospel – beginning with God’s solution for the brokenness of sin. In other instances, upon learning of someone’s broken situation, I’ll simply ask if I can pray for them. The opportunity to pray for someone is a great way to share my faith with them.  

Share The Gospel 

Sharing the good news of Jesus can be simple. I encourage people to use a single, easy to memorize, verse such as John 3:16 or Romans 6:23 in addition to portions of their personal story of coming to faith in Jesus to share the Gospel with others. You can share the good news of Jesus with confidence knowing that God desires for people to have a relationship with him. 

Ask For Response 

After you share the Gospel, ask for a response. Most often, I ask the question, “Based on what you have heard, would you like to make the decision to trust Jesus as your Lord?” If a person answers “yes,” I lead them in a short prayer of commitment to the Lord. 

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  1. Thank you Ryan. You are growing in the eyes of the Lord. Love to watch as your ministry grows and the fine job you are doing to help grow and disciple those that are in your reach and beyond. We are proud of you here in the River Valley.

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