“This past week, I’ve received dozens of emails asking how our church will respond to concerns about the coronavirus,” said a pastor this past weekend as he launched into a public service announcement containing details. Many pastors and church leaders are fielding related questions like, “Will we stop shaking hands?” to “What changes are we making to communion,” to even “Are we canceling church?”

Such questions are valid. To help you create a plan during the spread of this highly contagious virus, we’re offering two resources with links to even more.

The first is the ChurchLawAndTax.com article, “Responding to Highly Contagious Illnesses,” which offers practical ways to decrease the risk of infection and keep your congregation safe. This article also contains a link to the second resource, A Concise Coronavirus Guide for Churches. Created by ChurchLawAndTax.com content editor Matthew Branaugh and two other editors from the Christianity Today ministry, this free PDF offers insights on a Christian response to coronavirus as well as links addressing the anxiety generated by concerns about the outbreak.

As the guide reminds us, “In these anxious days, the church can shine as a light of hope, care, and patience, demonstrating for the world how faith provides true assurance against worry and fear.”

Written by Church Law & Tax.

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