[Bible, Ministry & More] The Benefit of Right Theology

   I want to share four beliefs about God that help me stay grounded during the uncertain moments of life. These beliefs provide a solid foundation to build my life upon. As I type them out, I am reminded that these truths cover or touch every area of life. From the moment of our birth to the moment we go home to be with Jesus, we are safe in God’s loving and all sufficient hand.  

                As you read these truths, I pray you sense the goodness of God. I pray you know that you are safe in Him. Friend, right now, God is with you and He is making a way!  

  • God is our awesome Creator. He gave us life! Nothing about our lives is a surprise or an accident. We were lovingly created by God and for God. (Genesis 2:7, Psalm 103:13-14) 
  • God is our powerful Sustainer. He takes care of us! Our lives are not in the hands of anyone or anything that is stronger than our God. We can rest in the fact that God is always in control. (Psalm 3:5-6) 
  • God is our plentiful Provider. He faithfully provides all we need! Our needs are never greater than God’s ability to provide. He is more than able and He is willing! (Numbers 11:23)  
  • God is our passionate Protector. He covers us with love and grace! God has a plan for our lives. We do not have to make things happen or try to live based on our strength. Instead, we can surrender to God’s plan and watch Him protect and provide. (Psalm 138:8, 139:13-16) 

                The benefit of right beliefs or right theology cannot be overstated! Right theology provides truth. Truth provides direction. Direction provides practical steps. Practical steps lead to freedom as we recognize what the Bible says and invite the teachings of the Bible to impact the way we live!  

                We can know, live, and share truth. As we do, we are reminded that God has us safe in His heart and hand no matter the situation we face. This leads to a source of hope that propels us through the uncertain moments of life as we experience God’s peace and confidence.  To continue to explore the benefit of right theology, check out my devotional book titled Free to Thrive available at www.andrealennonministry.org 

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